Custom Development Process

  1. Initial Client request for services
  2. TrainNow reviews request specification and existing background material
  3. TrainNow provides project proposal and contract for approval
  4. TrainNow receives approved and signed contract
  5. Trainnow Invoices ½ of estimated project contract
  6. Course development team assigned – graphic designer, scriptwriter, flash developer, programmer, and project manager
  7. Client meeting via Teleconference
  8. TrainNow develops questions for client SME (Subject Matter Expert)
  9. Teleconference with client SME
  10. Continued review of existing client material and add’l information gathering
  11. Draft script developed and submitted for client review
  12. Client reviews draft script and suggests changes where needed
  13. TrainNow revises script with client suggested changes
  14. Storyboard is developed (narrative and graphical treatment) and submitted to client
  15. Client approves Storyboard
  16. TrainNow develops needs list for photography, graphics, animation and video if required
  17. TrainNow begins design of screen layout and graphic templates
  18. Client reviews and approves screen layout and design
  19. Client approves one or more possible narrators (sample readings provided)
  20. Approved storyboard and narration script sent to selected narrator
  21. Photography, graphics and video collected, modified and optimized for screen
  22. Website setup for online client review during development
  23. Comprehensive Quality Assurance testing of course is performed including SCORM compliance
  24. Client reviews Alpha version of Course and suggests any changes that may be necessary.
  25. TrainNow revises course with client changes and resubmits for client approval
  26. Upon final approval TrainNow packages and delivers final course and archives all project files on site.
  27. Trainnow invoices remainder of project costs including any client extras